The Lebanese Shipping Agents Syndicate (LSAS) is a non-profit body incorporated under
 the Lebanese law to represent the shipping agents interests, generates and participates in national studies and plans for developing the Lebanese shipping sector. It coordinates with ministries and official authorities, closely cooperates with customs and ports officials and has its delegate to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).The syndicate founders and members create solid base that performs within a professional shipping framework to align and keep abreast with international standards.

Through its role in tackling shipping concerns at national industry level, the syndicate effectively bridges prevailing background understanding of facts and problems with proposals and modern solutions.

Embarked on members know how, despite challenges, the Lebanese Shipping Syndicate maintains its participation and consulting contribution in modernizing laws and regulations.  It promotes Beirut seaport and container terminal as an upcoming hub in the Levant area.  Furthermore, by raising the voice for upgrading facilities and standards at the different seaports in the country, the syndicate cooperates with all the concerned parties for sake of ensuring reasonably competitive position for Lebanon’s shipping industry in the East Mediterranean region.


The Lebanese Shipping Agents Syndicate (LSAS) supports effective maritime policy and legislation for a sustainable development of the shipping industry in

With cherished heritage as an old sea nation, emerged over ancient centuries since the Phoenicians who plied high seas and traded with different cultures, the syndicate serves the tradition with vision ahead. It acts upon the promise of promoting a modern edged shipping industry in Lebanon and offers an active know how link in the East Mediterranean at regional and international maritime fronts.

Through its official involvement with national organizational activities, the syndicate is recognized and widely informed to act as the voice of shipping in Lebanon.