Word From The President

Word From The President

The Lebanese Shipping Agents Syndicate (LSAS) was constituted in 2006 by ministerial decree #246 for representing, defending and promoting shipping agents profession and interest in Lebanon.  It relies on members wealth of know-how in all shipping sectors  for proposing corrective measures, best practice and development to the national shipping sector.

The syndicate’s is renown to the various official authorities in Lebanon as a reputed highly informed that contributes as a consultative and facilitator private body for achieving the best practice and public interest.

I came to the helm of duty in July 2021 as president and I have been honored to pursue the efforts of my predecessors with focus on immediate ongoing goals, industry challenges, technological and social changes.

The syndicate works closely with the shipping community, customs, governmental bodies, trade and industrialists bodies.  Its prime focus goes to efficient operations, safety, environment and regulation compliance.  LSAS is leading founder of the Union of Transport Syndicates and Port Services in Lebanon, set with the mission of promoting better practice in matters related to the marine transportation sector. LSAS is a member of FONASBA, London, internationally recognized body that provides a united voice on behalf of the global shipping agency and broking professions.

Membership at LSAS is made selective for active shipping agents that are licensed with ongoing ships’ calls and carriers’ representation.  Its elite members are act according to internationally accepted standards including those certified according to Fonasba Quality Standard, FQS.

As the demand for sea transport is a derived demand for other things, iterating what shipping has globally to offer in terms of economic stability, supply chain, deeper public understanding and cooperation would give all of us a greater leeway to contribute for the benefit of our industry at the time important decisions are being made for the future.  I am truly confident that the challenge continues and so is our eagerness to act, train and perform for realizing a better practice in the Lebanese shipping industry.

Sincerely, Marwan EL YAMAN