Word From The President

Word From The President

The Lebanese Shipping Agents Syndicate (LSAS), constituted in 2006 by ministerial decree #246, represents, defends and promotes the profession of shipping agents in Lebanon.   This entails cooperation with the competent authorities, as a consultative and facilitator private body, for achieving the best practice and public interest in terms of efficient operations, safety, environment and compliance.

The role of shipping agents is key at ports to ships’ operators, cargo interests, local authorities and other stakeholders.   LSAS certified members include those holding Fonasba Quality Standard, FQS, mostly active in handling ships’ calls and international carriers’ representations.  Our members bring wealth of know-how and towards proposing corrective measures and best practice in Lebanon.

As the demand of sea transport a derived demand of seaborne trade, LSAS is a leading founder of the Union of Transport Syndicates and Port Services in Lebanon, set for promoting better practice in relation to sea transport, customs clearance, forwarding and land international transit transport.  Furthermore, LSAS is a member of FONASBA, London, internationally recognized body that provides a united voice on behalf of the global shipping agency and broking professions.

We are confident that the challenge in our profession continues and so should our eagerness to keep abreast with modern knowledge and training, for achieving better practice in the Lebanese shipping industry.  I have been on the helm of duty as of July 2021 working with colleagues and members to pursue the ongoing efforts and needed local development counter the demanding challenges and desired changes.


Sincerely Yours,